Stevenage Skip Hire operates under the same principles established by the authorities in the United Kingdom. Our company specializes in skip rentals, waste collection, and disposal services. When compared to other skip hire providers, we offer affordable and reasonable prices.

Within the United Kingdom, the environment protection authority has implemented specific regulations for waste management. By utilizing Stevenage Skip Hire, you can familiarize yourself with these rules. These regulations encompass various aspects such as separate collections and decomposition. Managing all of these activities individually can be challenging, which is why our specialized services are essential in meeting your waste management needs.


 Our  Company is available in all UK states, and you can approach us through email or a phone call. Our customer services department will contact you directly once received your query.


As per customer commands, we remove the waste from the facility. For instance, an Event Organizer requires a handy solution to remove the trash after an event. We are open in your area for on spot removal and disposing of waste.


We are not just giving waste vessels but also have some additional benefits to our customers. Our team and transport are available to serve you with relevant technicalities

Stevenage skip hire sizes

Hiring a skip in Stevenage has never been easier, as it only takes one click of your cursor. With our user-friendly online platform, you can effortlessly select the desired size from our extensive range of skips and have it delivered directly to your location. We offer skips in all sizes to cater to the specific requirements of your town. Experience the convenience of skip hire in Stevenage with just a few simple clicks.

Mini skip hire

Mini skips are perfect considering the typical users’ waste dumping requirements. These are the best fit for a waste collection of the household. Seldom was also hired for mini DIY projects, which have a waste limit of 25 to 35 large waste bin bags—exactly the upper limit of mini skips


It is the fact that those 2 yards skip is the smallest and used widely among the different customers. Stevenage is offering better quality skips at your residing place.


Three yards skip mini skip is coming after 2 yards skips in price. There is no considerable difference in the costs, but a notable difference observed in the waste carrying capacity of 2 and 3 yards skip

Midi skip hire

Midi skips are useful for waste produced from residential areas and small-sized workshops. Both types of midi skips help such the huge Thirty waste, and rubbish filling limit of up to 55 big waste bags.


It is one of the midi skips designated for waste collection from the house and small offices. The capacity of this skip is adequate to moderate in small size skips.


It is another variety of midi skips and is useful for domestic and commercial both types of waste. You can hire them as per your waste volume or as per the suitability.

Builder skip hire

Construct builder skips to collect waste from a commercial building, joint offices, and restaurant. However, the primary use of builder skip is to hold bulky rubbish like bricks and stones. Moreover, Builder skips are available in 6 and 8 yards enough to waste such waste without damaging anything.


It is the first form of large-sized skips used for slightly large projects and the renovation of houses or rooms. Total weight carrying capacity is suitable for both types of waste


Eight yards builder skips are favourites among customers who are working on the renovation of a house. An 8-yard skip can hold multiple wastes without any spillage or leakage.

Maxi skip hire

These skips are smaller than RORO and larger than builder skips. These are maximum in size, holding waste produced from construction sites, residential areas, and sometimes renovation. The broad range of weight carrying capacity of Maxi skips is approximately 100 to 195 which is nowhere near to builder skips.


This type of waste container remains appropriate for a large volume of waste. Large volume means which is not heavy but requires massive work to store the frame of doors or windows or maybe wooden waste produced from workshops.


These are the maxi skips, which are moderate in size. You can put a different type of waste produced by a manufacturing firm or a small waste.


Fourteen yards skip the third available maxi skips used for daily trash collection and construction activities. Depending on your requirement, choose the size wisely.


You want to remove waste from your house at the time of moving out to a new flat. This skip is best for your trash. It can hold all types of scraps, including wooden and plastic materials.


Most significant size in maxi skips is useful for waste collection from hostels, hotels, vertical residential buildings, or large huts. 

Roro skip hire

Roll on roll off skips is made for the waste collection from big industries and demolition waste. RORO skips are available in 4significantr sizes and useful as per your waste limit. We are open to guide you on the suitable size and prices of the skips.


RORO skip is 20 yard, is occasionally rented by customers who want to remove waste in huge volume. The total area of this container is nearly equal to the space of your room.


For annual renovation or maintenance of your villa, including redesigning of your waste requires 25 yards skips. 25 yard skip can be open from two sides, which reduce the loading time of waste.